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Red River West

From Local to Global

Our mission: to translate outstanding FR/EU tech companies into US and global successes, powered by the rich experience and unparalleled access of Groupe Artémis

Paris - Los Angeles - New York

Why RRW Works


A unique combination of a renowned France-based investor and a successful US-based entrepreneurial team and network

Who you are

Investment criteria

  • French roots
    (company, team or R&D location)
  • Outstanding passionate entrepreneurs
  • Global leadership potential and ambition
  • True disruption
  • Proof of concept
  • Aggressive scaling and growth KPIs
  • Clear path to profits
  • Targeting a commercial launch in the US as a platform for global expansion


  • eCommerce
  • eServices
  • eMedia


  • Marketplaces
  • SaaS
  • Digital Media
  • Digital Native Brands
  • Big Data
  • AI

What we bring

What we will do

Unlock global growth potential with US co-scale focus:

We are builders, not bankers

Who we are

US Paris
* Investment committee members

Go West!

  • *mandatory